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The War in Syria

A personal view from a Rocklander.

This post might be a little late, but you have to understand that I am the least political person out there that I know.   First off, I have to mention that I do not own a television, and have not seen a single spec of a TV pixel in the last 4 yrs. except of course when I watch SPORTS in a Restaurant or a Bar somewhere in Rockland County.  On that note, I chose to be informed not from the mainstream media but from various sources, mainly blogs and un-biased online news sources.   Being a non-political person that I am, you can say that I lean more towards the libertarian philosophy, although I have liberal views on some issues I can also have personal conservative opinions on others.

In regards with present Syria conflict, I have understood a few facts and that is that the “Syrian government in indeed using chemical warfare on its own people”  Thousands of men, women and children have suffered and died under this inhumane act of terrorism.  And, another fact is that their is an ongoing sectarian/civil war that we (or any country out there) have no business getting involved in.

Now, we know recently that the president wanted to take military actions (drone missile strikes w/o boots on land) but he also chose to ask the congress to vote on a Syrian strike.

Now I personally believe several factors can affect the Congress making their decision

1. Politics

  • There will be those that will always oppose to whatever comes out of the President’s mouth.
  • Some will not go against their constituency for the sake of being called a “traitor”.

2. Real Humanitarian Conscience

  • Young children are getting killed with CHEMICAL warfare.  That is very sad.
  • This is against the International War Treaty.  It is a “Crime Against Humanity.”

3. Listening to the people that they are representing

  • Again, it all boils down to politics and the VOTE.

4. War Profiteering


What about “fixing” Detroit

On the other hand with all this foreign conflicts going on, something tells me that we cannot forget that earlier of this year, Detroit had become the largest city in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy.  Not to mention the still continuing effects of the economic recession.  Can we really afford another “war” while there are millions of unemployed Americans loosing their homes and can barely feed their families ?

 What do you THINK Rockland ?

– Nino


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