Rockland’s Experience of Hurricane Sandy

Sandy has been quite brutal to the east coast and that includes Rockland County.  I have experienced plenty of storms in the years that I have lived in Rockland and I can say that the devastation that Sandy caused has been on the top of the list.   Although there might have been a slight over exaggeration in the media of what Sandy might bring to the Tri-State are,  Sandy did brought with her devastation in her path.

Personally, a couple of days before the storm, I did not really bought the hype.  The day the storm happened, I was glad that there wasn’t much flooding, yet the wind was blowing very quite hard.  But when I saw the falling trees and power lines in my own backyard, I was surprised by its subtle power and devastation.

 Below is some of the video clips that I took….

[youtube w=575&h=225]

A video showing Sandy’s wrath.

The backyard, after Sandy visited.

Sandy can be quite messy.

Oh Sandy, you are one messy person.  Everything in Rockland was a mess after Sandy’s quick visit. Devastation everywhere.  I know that sandy devastated plenty of people in different parts of the East Coast especially around the coastal areas of New Jersey (especially in of Atlantic City) and Staten Island.

Sandy devastated Staten Island

I am very thankful that at least Rockland County did not experience what people from Staten Island experienced, which is complete devastation on their lives and on their properties.  I could only imagine what they are going through.  I sent my regards and prayers to their families and to others who have been severely affected by this tragic catastrophic storm.

Palisades Mall was eerily quiet.

Having no electricity at all in my house or around my neighborhood for that matter, my environment seemed a little to depressing.  So, my ADHD self decided to go for a walk on Congers Lake (and Sandy did quite a beating there).  That day was windy and was blowing really hard and the temperature dropped.  So, I decided to instead go to the mall and maybe go for a walk indoors. and found out that there was no electricity in the mall either.

It’s Gas Extinction Level out there.

I was lucky enough to have close to a full tank a several days before Miss Sandy came.  As so I thought, but now I realized that I wasn’t that lucky. Fast forward several days later, after having a quarter tank of gas in my car, the “run-on” with gasoline occurred and I was stuck trying to scope for a gas station with the shortest line of cars.

How I got my gas…

I went to a gas station in the Nanuet area at around 5:30 am (yes that is 5 in the morning – to get gas).  When I got there, I was surprised to know that there was already a long line waiting.  About 2 hrs. later, I was able to get a full tank at about $4.60 a gallon  (oh boy).  We had blackouts that lasted for weeks during hurricane Irene last year yet there was no “run-on” on gas like it is .   And I realized that the obvious reason for this was due to the fact that everyone has been having their own generator in their houses, which of course takes in a good chunk of gasoline to run.  Add a couple of anxious drivers and you have a formula of a “run-on” in gasoline.

Im curious, what is your experience with Sandy ?


One thought on “Hurricane Sandy in Rockland County

  1. Did not have power for 4 days… definitely worse than Irene from my experience.

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