The Lin-sanity Continues…

It took New York and the rest of the country by storm.  The first time I hear about this, I though that the (Sports) media was just looking for a new story to tell the world (NFL Season is over).  Lets face it, the story is a fairy tale story in the NBA.  A quiet and reserved kid that went to Harvard and did not even get a scholarship to play basketball.  Yet, the New York Knicks are now on the verge of winning their 8 straight game. with the help of the mighty Lin.

A young Jeremy Lin.

Some info about Jeremy Lin, before reaching Stardom:

  • Came from a immigrant poor family.
  • Was never drafted and never got looked at from Scouts.
  • His family was against the idea of him playing basketball.
  • Both parents are only 5’6 tall.
  • Was place in the (inactive list) when he first played in the NBA (Warriors).
  • Would want to become a pastor some day.


What Linsanity has done so far.

♠ Most sold (jersey) in a week @ the Madison Square Garden ever in  History.

♦ Jeremy Lin’s twitter followers went from 100,000 + to more than 1.5 million after 7 games.

♠ Increased conflict in Taiwan-China Relations over (Representation) of Jeremy Lin.

♣ Enabled MSG and Time Warner to resolve their differences.

♦ Which in turn has increased the MSG stocks by more than $300 Million.

♦ Jeremy Lin is center topic in almost every newspaper, magazines and website.


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