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                The world seems to be in excess full of unnecessary stuff and the hopes of wanting more.  We work to earn money in order to buy stuff ♦ .  We seem to work hard day in and day out in the hopes of reaching the American Dream.  Lately I have been pondering a lot about life and my own happiness.  Being a freelancer has given me the opportunity to have full control of my own time and freedom on my own terms.  It has gave me full autonomy towards my day to day activities.  But of course it also has its effects monetarily ($$), I do make a lot le$$ than other professionals and there is no security in a path of uncertainty.  But. I chose this lifestyle because my priorities are different.  For me personally, I chose to have my freedom and time, because I value my experiences way more than money and the stuff that I can accumulate with it.

With all that in mind, I want to share some pointers that I highly value and that I think can help you lead a simple, happy and sustainable way of living.

How to Simplify your life in your own terms:

♠ Take Public Transportation

  • Not only are you saving money, but you are also helping the environment.  Lets face it, having a car can get expensive (car finance, repairs, gas and insurance).
  • Public Transportation In Rockland County (link)

♦ Stop going to Palisades Mall or looking for clearances in Nanuet Mall

  • Stop consumerism and buying things that you do not need.  Impulse buying is very hard to control, the best way to avoid it is to not be around “stuff” in the first place.

♥ Keep your old car.

  • If it is really a necessity for you to drive, then drive.  But it’s not a necessity to have the newest car model in the block. As long as the car is safe and reliable, then age does not matter.

Don’t gush over the big houses all over Rockland

  • Big houses take plenty of energy to heat up in the winter and to cool off in the summer (more carbon effects on the environment).  Not to mention, it takes a big toll on our pockets,  I personally would hate to be a slave to a high mortgage for years and years to come.

Go for a walk in the park.

  • Whenever stressed out or feeling like the entire world is against me, I would usually go for a walk at the park (preferably Rockland Lake or Congers Lake.  I just let my natural endorphins, serotonin and dopamine in the body kick in.  It helps clear the cobwebs in my mind and melt away the stress.
If you do have plenty of stuff that needs cleaning or moving, give Rockland Cleanouts a call.
or visit their website by clicking the (pic) above.

How about you, how do you simplify your life?


3 thoughts on “Simplifying A Rockland Life

  1. Great awesome post, I def. agree with this 100%… simple is always better…

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