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My Cleanup Story

A Hoarders Palace

                   Lets face it, within our lifetime we known someone or somebody close to us who is a hoarder. A hoarder is defined as someone who perceives importance in the hoarding of items that far exceeds their true value, therefore a hoarder hoards as much stuff as they can. Unfortunately for me, that person is my father and yes it is not a great thing to have happen to someone. We are talking about hoarding to the point of the house being a fire risk.  It is a mental and a psychological disease that has great control and psychological effects on a person.

(The 50 lb. Sylvania Television that I needed to get rid off)

                     In order to help him, I had to confront my father about his ‘illness’ and tried to rationalize with him about the situation.  The house is not safe, it was a fire hazard and it was very unhealthy.  He did went on  to get some psychological help.  After several cognitive therapy and several anti-anxiety medications, he was finally able to snap out of it.  We then proceeded to the cleaning phase, and man was it tough. There were plenty of things and furniture that needed some moving, not to mention this really big television that we needed to get rid of.  But thanks to Rockland Cleanouts, everything worked out well.  I was so happy of the great job that they did that I went on to ask the owner, Paul about how his company how it has helped me tremendously and how it can impact and help Rockland Residents.  This is how my great relationship with Rockland Cleanouts started.

A similar looking sofa that I needed to move.

Everything went according to plan the place is now slightly “less” packed but at least it’s not a fire hazard anymore. Everyone was happy at the end of the day.  Paul who is the head of the company is very friendly and was great.  I told him that I appreciated everything he has done and that I would love to help him the best that I can.

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