The Importance of Stretching

                     So I began the (quite chilly but sunny) day today with some jogging for about 30 mins. outside the house.  Having not jogged in quite a while, my silly self did not (forgot to) do any stretching at all.  And to add insult to injury, later in the afternoon, I end up moving some (heavy) furniture (again) without stretching any of my muscle areas.  Later that day a few minutes after dinner as I tried to get up the couch, I felt this sharp pain in my lower back that radiated up to the shoulders.  This tremendous pain lasted for about 3 more days.

Moving a furniture without stretching was a bad idea.  But to my argument, I did not have a choice.  My Uncle asked for me a favor in which I felt obligated to do.  We ended up lifting the 150 +lb. hardwood (Oak Tree) furniture by ourselves.  We carried it across the house and down the stairs and into his truck.

The Pain


                   The pain started in the lower area of the back and it radiated all the way up to the mid area and unto the shoulders.  At first I thought that all I had was a pinch nerve of some sort.  But when the (uncomfortable) pain lasted the entire day and for a couple more days, then I knew it was pretty bad.  Below are some of the things that I did that help alleviate some of the symptoms that I had.  I have to say I could have some taken pain medications and “popped a pill,” but I choose not to.

  • Hydrated Myself– I drank about 4-5 glasses of water/day.
  • Hot Compress– I applied  it to the injured area.
  • Get Plenty of Rest- Try to get as much rest.
  • Get a massage- Best decision I did.

The Perfect Solution= ” Massage “

              The 30 minute massage that I received really helped a whole lot for my body.  I went through a very painful phase, in which my mobility became quite limited (even bending down to tie my shoes became a painful procedure).   The massage that I received really did help alleviate the pain, I was very glad that I had the massage session and thankful for it.

Michelle’s Therapeutic Massage (link) had helped me tremendously.

Check her out !

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Michelle Solomon

Massage Therapeutics

(845) 270-3889 cell
(845) 358-2687 office

150 S. Broadway
Nyack, NY 10960

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– Nino


One thought on “The Importance of Stretching

  1. I think that massages are one of the best solutions when you are stressed.

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