Are You Ready for the Superbowl ?

If your a big Giants fan like me, you should be tingling inside and cannot wait till the Calendar turn into Sunday.  A good Superbowl is not complete without a great atmosphere, some good food, drinks and great people around.  Well, I think you guys should come with me and watch the game at Peppermill South in Congers, NY.  I can’t wait for the Giants to kick  some Patriots butt.  Go Giants !!  : )

Check out there MENU.  They have some great food.

Checkout their Website.

They recently just had 3 new Big Screen TV’s just for the game.  See you guys there…


2 thoughts on “Awesome Superbowl Sunday

  1. We want Freddie C. Playin those spoons and bottles. Love Ya Freddie. Joannie Greels

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