A Great Food Experience that I had.

                So yesterday I asked a couple of  friends  about any recent Restaurants that they have visited in Rockland County, that they really enjoyed They all gave me several great Restaurants around the Rockland Area, in which I tallied (the results) and decided to go to Marcellos Ristorante in Suffern.  I have never been to Marcellos Ristorante so I was quite excited.  Going inside the restaurant for the first time, I was very  surprise of how spacious it was on the inside.

The night started pretty great.  I started my meal with some goat cheese salad.

The food was really yummy. I was very amazed by the service and the quickness of the staff.  Once I was inside the staff and the waiters were very friendly and very nice to me.  I never expected for the inside of the  Resaurant to be quite huge and spacious


              I had a chance to try some of their specialty salmon (I forgot the name)  and some of their amazing pasta (I also forgot the name, sorry).  I remember my pasta having some large and delicious scallops and shrimps (clearly one of the best I have ever had).  The food was just absolutely amazing, and I can still remember the tastes it in my taste buds.

  The Goat Cheese salad was just amazing.  The vegetables were very fresh and tasted very good.  The goat cheese seemed to almost just melt right in your mouth.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was also quite amazing, it was very nice and neat.

Check out his book below.



Got Plans Already ?

                    Hello Rockland Lovebirds,what are you guys doing for Valentines Day ?  Do you already have a plan to execute. that can surprise your significant other and make them say “awwww, baby that is so sweet.”  If your like me, everything is usually planned during the last minute…lol.   Well no worries, if you still don’t have a plan, you guys should come with me and check out Marcello’s Ristorante’s Valentines Concert.  I’m pretty sure that this can make an awesome surprise for your significant other or for each other.

So how much is it ? 

The  Ticket cost is only $30

But it includes plenty of perks such as:

  • 15% discount (for lunch or dinner) at Marcello’s and Mamma Vittoria from January 1 through March 31, 2012 (Sunday to Thursday)
  • 20% off any Marcello’s cooking class from January to November 2012.
  • In addition to Marcello’s discount, our Liquorland,  located at 250 Rt. 59 in the Walmart Shopping Center In Suffern will give 20% discount in on any case of wine (not on sale) even a mixed case.

Tickets may be purchased here. or at Marcello’s Restaurant

21 Lafayette Ave Suffern NY Tel (845 ) 357-9108(845 ) 357-9108  Email: info@marcellosgroup.com

Where: Suffern Lafayette theatre

When: Sunday February 12- 2:30pm

International star pop singer Giada Valenti will be there…

(Giada will perform for 75 minutes without intermission).

                    On February 12, Marcello’s Ristorante will be serving a pre- and after-theater, 3-course dinner prix fixed $35 per person (plus tax, tip and beverage) 15% Discount for party of 4 or more with seating at 12:00 pm, 4:00 pm, and 6:30 pm. By reservation only and will be taken on a first come, first serve. The theater capacity of 950 and Marcello’s restaurant will only taking 100 guest for each seating. To see the pre-fixed menu, visit their website here.



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