Best Day of My Life

The birth of my child: Best day of my Life:



This was my wonderful experience with Hackensack UMC Palisades and the birth of my child.


It happened so suddenly and I never expected.

“Hurry back home,” my wife said on the phone.   “I think my water just broke.”  As I was about to take a huge bite of my Subway turkey sandwich,  I started to chow it down as fast as I can, told my boss i’ll be out for the day… and off I went on a “birth” adventure.

Rushing on the Palisades Parkway, I was excited yet scared at the same time.   This being my first child, plenty of things ran through my head.  What do I have to do?  Do I go home and get some fresh underwear, in case I have to sleep over the hospital ?  Who’s going to feed the cat ?.   “Forget the cat,”   you’re having a baby for crying out loud.


As I got through the parking lot, I started calling my wife for the room number.   After a quick chat with the security staff, I head straight to the elevator.  As soon as I got to the Maternity Unit.  I was surprised to see my wife laughing, watching her favorite comedy show on Netflix in her phone.

I was expecting a different scenario, but I was glad everything was calm and fine.   Mother in law w/ father in law, and sister (and her boyfriend) came by, so the room is starting to get a little too crowded.  A few movies and some Chinese takeout later, the wife starts complaining of some stomach pain.  Father in law jokes about just having a little “Chinese food gas in the belly”…


But the maternity nurse thinks it something else more serious to say the least.   The staff were very nice and wonderful in the way they treated everyone.  They were very helpful and made everyone feel at home.   They were all very professional and were all knowledgeable of what they do.

Since my wife was still partially dilated, we had to walk around the hallway and had a great time talking with the Nurses and Unit staff to pass some time.   The maternity nurses and the doctors were very professional and attended to our every needs.   It was such a great experience and we all felt very confident.


The delivery took a long and tedious 14 + hrs.  ( I lost count)  but at the end, it was such an amazing and a great feeling.   Malaya is a very healthy baby girl.  She enjoys hearing giggly noises and loves the sound of laughing babies on you tube.


Our baby Malaya is one healthy and gorgeous baby, all thanks to the staff at the Hackensack UMC Palisades .  I am very grateful and blessed to have the staff, the doctors and the nurses that we had.

Thank You so much for everything.