The Best About Rockland



# 10 Rockland Bakery and Friehofers Bakery


You can’t miss the aroma of the freshly baked dough steaming in the atmosphere, especially while I do my workout at Planet Fitness.  What’s better than the smell of fresh dough in the air right after a good workout, right ?.  Burning off 400 calories from a 45 mins. exercise in the threadmill and then devouring a 450 calorie French Pastry in 10 mins. afterwards.  It might not be the best return of investment in my book but here in Rockland, we live like rock stars.


# 9 Downtown Nyack


After a long busy day, it’s always great to have a quick happy hour with the buddies.  There are plenty of great towns all over Rockland, but I still think that down-town Nyack is still a winner.  It combines hip, funky and trendy with great historic preservation that made Rockland County awesome in many ways.


# 8 Palisades Mall


I can still remember when the Palisades Mall was still being built about 14 years ago.  As a guy, I turn into a big girl when it comes to “heights.”  So what’s a better way to cure my phobia than climbing up one of the largest indoor jungle gym in America at the Palisades mall.  It really is a good dare to anyone’s ego when infants and toddlers are hopping up and down with smiles in their faces, while a grown man like me is about to pee in my pantalones (pants for those no hablo espanol).


# 7 Shops at Nanuet


The shops in Nanuet is like that chubby unpopular nerd in Junior year of High School that had a profound makeover in his Senior year.  He lost a lot of weight and lost majority of the acne.  Suddenly everyone that never paid attention now wants to be his friend and is now quite popular with the ladies.


# 6 Rockland Boulders


Football might be America’s sport but I believe that baseball is still America’s favourite pastime.


# 5 Favorite Bagel/Coffee Shop


As I am writing this now, I am actually in one of my favourite coffee shops in Rockland.  And as of right now, I am staring at a cute dog and an even cuter owner.  Being in a coffee shop with a friendly environment just helps in letting out the creative juices flow and there’s nothing better than a cup of Joe straight to the veins.  Wait, I gotta go use the bathroom…


# 4 Favorite Libraries


I wasn’t much of a book worm but if I was, Rockland would be a heaven sent. So much free resources in these Rockland libraries.  But I have to admit, that the library sofas is where I get my best naps.


# 3 Favorite Restaurants


There are plenty of delicious restauraants all around Rockland County.  I have to admit I seldom go to restaurants unless I have my groupon.  Yes, I am a frugal son of a gun, but


# 2 Awesome Parks


Rockland is blessed with natural beauty.  I really had to ponder why I consciously chose to live in this cold expensive tundra that we call Rockland County.  And after a nice walk around Congers lake or a quick run around Rockland lake and seeing nature and it’s solitude… I suddenly know why.


# 1 The People


Ever since the history of mankind,  a community has helped humanity evolve and flourish.  The Rockland community has been one that values generosity and hard work and a strong dedication to family.  The majority of my circle of friends all came from a well rounded family.  And I believe that this was the biggest factor that leads to success.