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Violence in People

                     This post does concern or has anything affiliated with Rockland County (well maybe just a little).  I wrote this because I have been quite shocked about what happened several days ago in Egypt.  As we all know, Egypt has been ravaged by a brutal violent incident involving Soccer fans, Soccer Players and the Military.  The result was shocking and devastating with about 74 people dead and thousands more hurt.  This was very surprising to me since Egypt was a country that was hungry and an advocate for a democratic change in which it (recently) ousted its long time ruler President Mubarak and was on its way to becoming a democracy.

Video clip of the Incident ↑

What happened in my opinion is very shocking and crazy.  I could not fathom any justification for this type of VIOLENCE.  With all the fight for freedom and justice, I thought that the Egyptian people were becoming more ideological and more rationale in there ways.  Yet this incident shows how horrendous and brutal a society and (people) can be.

Rockland County Crime Statistics ↑

In the years I have been in Rockland County, I have not yet encountered any physical violence personally.  The most horrific personal tragedy that has occured to me was when my car got broken into.  The right window was smashed in, and everything was taken out of my car.  And all this due to the fact that I left my wallet (openly in the front) of the dashboard (stupidity).  But statistically, I have to say that Rockland County has been quite a safe place compared to the average number of crimes committed in other Cities within the State of New York.

Most Recent Crime Stories in Rockland County.

What about you, How safe do you feel being in Rockland County ?


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