It’s very funny how it seems like everywhere you go around Rockland, a road is closed down or only half of the lane is usually open. Its already bad enough that the temperature  outside is already in  volcano levels  and you are already baking inside your own car. But the agony and stress from the traffic caused by these construction work throughout Rockland County adds to the daily frustrations that we encounter. As the frustrations and stress elevates, it can sometimes be hard to control ourselves. A good way to help us alleviate the stress from traffic is by first understanding that we do not have full control over the traffic. Knowing that a construction work is happening in a particular street, we can logically assume that the construction would be going on for some time. It would therfore be a good idea to stay away and avoid that particular street/area and find a different route to get to your destination.

       There are some positives that we can take from this experience. I do believe that the infrastructure improvements have given plenty of people jobs and place food on the table for plenty of families in Rockland County. There had been several cases in prior infrastructure projects in Rockland, in which the contracted company where paid by the hour and not by the work being done and the results. This led to greed and plenty of corruption in which overtime work was being tallied, using the “taxpayer’s money” without showing much result. A lot of things have chnaged, and I hope that the excess use of “taxpayer’s money” and the corruption within the system are being investigated more carefully. Rockland County is still one of the most beautiful places in the nation, and still has the most hardworking and trustworthy people throughout the country.