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3 Things I learned from Superbowl

The Underdog will always have a chance to win.

  • #1 There is no defeat in trying.  Our worse enemies, will always be ourselves.  Being the underdog is what makes us do great things and achieve success.  It is true that there is a chance for everyone to succeed in anything in Life.  Of course NOBODY, not even the hardcore fans would believe in their wildest dreams that the Giants would take it all the way and win the Superbowl.  They have been the underdog from the start, up until the end.  Yet, they were able to achieve “Victory” at the end.

New Yorkers are built New York tough.

  • # 2 When they say that If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, this really stands true.  Manhattan was built brick by brick by hands of New York Immigrants who have to risk their own lives working in Skyscrapers and Tall Buildings in order to build the greatest City in the World.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have to climb tall skyscrapers and risk my life anytime soon, but the daily “grind” and tribulations that I go through in Life are my “skyscrapers.”

It’s ok to tackle life with a poker face.

  • # 3 Eli Manning has never been someone to show his emotions.  Others think that he’s nonchalant ways shows no passion and no drive.  But the  fact is that his “cool and subtle” ways is a major asset for himself and for his team.  The calmness and reserve ways enabled him to have poise in times of great Pressure during a Game.  This in turn gives him the ability to focus more without much anxiety and negative energy, which can hinder his success.
  • The Lesson: Just relax… Life is too precious to be anxious about.




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