A Rockland Winter Experience

Is Rockland still a good place to live ?

I’ve read in one of the more popular “lifestyle” magazines that has mentioned  Rockland County as one of the top five  most livable places in the entire nation.

Of course, at the same time it is also one of the most “expensive” counties to live in America.

This past few winter months has been really brutal (Thank God for SPRING) and the overall total snow accumulation had literally been a mountain high.




Having my car in my driveway engulfed in 10 feet of snow is not really one of the best and fun things to have.
Let’s face it Rockland is a beautiful county and living in Rockland the last 10 years has enabled me to go back to my roots and experience nature and beauty.

We all know how much nature and gorgeous scenery Rockland has to offer, from the great state parks and lakes to the forest trails that gives anyone much needed solitude.

I really do love it.

The people in Rockland are also some of the friendliest in any part of the country…but to be honest sometimes Rocklanders can be also be subdued and cranky.

Rockland has one of the most expensive property tax in the entire nation, which means living in Rockland is EXPENSIVE.

With much expenses comes with it financial burdens and stress.

And this brutal winter has not helped in any way at all.

I have been looking at the pros and cons lately of living here in Rockland and I think that the pros definitely overcompensate for the negatives.

But looking forward in the future if the pattern continues in regards with this brutal winter I don’t think I would be able to continue living in this awesome place anymore.

photo 2

It might sound crazy but there are plenty of positives being stuck in a cold snowy weather tundra like Rockland.

And here are some reasons that I can think of:

♠  Being cuddled next to the fireplace or even just an electric heater with a warm blanket is a nice cozy feeling that you can’t expect in the sunny side of LA.

♣  Being stuck inside this cold weather and snow allows you to get your creative juices flowing and allows you to be more mindful and focus on various projects that you plan on doing.

♦  As much as I hate to say it… shoveling burns calories and is a form of exercise (somewhat).

♥  Being with your family while sipping on some hot chocolate brings people and families together.

♠  No work. No school. Enough said.

Last but not least, it gives me GRATITUDE to appreciate Spring and Summer when they come visit.

Also, looking at the views from the Pier, are some of the greatest sceneries.


photo 3

And when all the snow have melted away, it makes you appreciate how beautiful this place truly is…

that is Rockland County.

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