Even though it might seem that the economy has been in stagnation for a while now, there  is still some slight signs of increase in the prices of consumer goods throughout the country and within the Rockland County. Besides the fact that “printing” money to stimulate our economy causes inflation, a slight evidence of inflation can also be a sign that the economy is starting to move again and an evidence that we are  gaining some traction. One of the things that I noticed was that the cost of College education has still become quite expensive regardless of the economic slowdown. It has actually increased dramatically. Both public and private college institutions seemed to be increasing the rate of their tuition regardless of the poor job market. The prices of consumer goods seemed to also increase, but not as much as everyone expected. It’s amazing how the College cost has increased at the same or even at a higher rate annually, while the prospects of getting a job in Rockland or elsewhere around the County are not very good.