The Rockland police has been trying to crack down on drivers that are using their cell phone. Lets admit it, everyone is guilty at some point in their “driving” history, of using their phone while driving. I understand that we all are living a busy life and everyone has had their time management problems. Due to this so called “time constraint,” we try to multitask out lives and as a reseult we end up talking and texting on our phone while driving. For others it almost becomes a habit to a point in which they are not even conscious of the dangers of what they are doing. I admit I had recieved a ticket for using my cellphone a year ago, and paid a huge price for it. Did I learn a lesson? yes, kinda. Does the penalty fit the crime? from a rational view, not really but I still personally believe that the deterrent of not wanting to get caught again, might have saved my life plenty of times. I have realized that their is a lot of positive that comes from this experience. I also know that it only takes a split second for an accident to occur, and it can either be a slight fender bender, an injury or worse, death.