Giving Value to Customers

Value is important the value that you offer to walk customer is very important you can givevalued sole customer by helping them solve a problem. Therefore, it is important for your product or service to be as valuable as possible two their customer. Giving value to customers means going out of your way to please and giving everyone a great customer experience.

How do you know that you are giving the right value?

By asking them and communicating with you customers.  We can do this through email or through social media.

Types of Value you can give to customers:

A certain product or service that you are giving for free to the customer gives them value.

What does value do for you?

Giving value gains you trust, and this trust in turn becomes profit and revenue within your business.  Always try to give value without trying to get anything in return.

Strategies in Using “Value” in your business.

– Giving out free information.

– Giving out coupons and great deals.

– Giving tips and strategies.



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