It’s time to officially welcome SUMMER Time in Rockland County.  I got a taste of the summer heat + humidity reached close to 100 F degrees on the first day of summer, and sure that was fun… NOT !


Fun Things to do in Rockland for the Summer for cheap
(Aside from Staying Indoors)

  • Hanging out in Palisades Mall

Lets face it, going to Palisades Mall never gets too boring.  And it’s always comfortable inside no matter what season it is.

  • Cool off in the Library

Take some time to cool off in the Library.  Read a good book or check out some of the magazines.

  • Go to a museum.

Go check out some of the various museums around Rockland County.  Learn something new and stay cool while doing it.

  • Go to the beach.

  • Go out to EAT, Check out some of the great Restaurants around Rockland County.

  • Go window Shopping

  • Go to the local (Community Pool)

There are plenty of local Community Pools around Rockland County.

  • Bear Mountain (huge pool)

There are plenty of things to do in the Bear Mountain State Park.  Amazing sites, boating, check out the zoo, trails, fishing and swimming at the gigantic pool.

  • Watch a movie (theater)
  • Go to a community cooling center.

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